Please get in! RAHEL makes music for the strange, linguistically refined, quirky and dazzling German poetry, with a voice that is addictive. When RAHEL invites you to dance with her “dreampunk” and playful seriousness on her lips, worries about the future and world-weariness fall asleep for a moment and queer utopias glitter in the lowlands of everyday life. RAHEL has come to stay: since the release of her first single “Tapp Tapp Tapp” in 2021 (#1 FM4 Charts), the Viennese artist has developed at top speed from an “insider tip” to a fixed starter when it comes to German-language indie from Austria – as evidenced by top chart positions, reviews from Musikexpress or Tagesspiegel, placements in the most important Spotify indie playlists, numerous support shows for Die Sterne, Juli or My Ugly Clementine as well as appearances at Vienna’s Donauinselfest, Reeperbahn and Dockville Festival.

In RAHEL’s cosmos, new wave guitars live peacefully alongside NDW synths, dream pop anthems alongside rebellious rock songs. The songs are created in close collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Raphael Krenn. In March 2023 RAHEL released her second EP “Ein sehr schöner Witz” (Radio International), in July “Volare” (Krokant) was released with fellow German poet Resi Reiner – the summer dream collaboration par excellence.

Disillusioned by adult life, by the blandness of the world, RAHEL sets off with the kickstarter earworm “schaffner” to fulfill her soul’s longings. The journey itself becomes the destination; and even if RAHEL never arrives, she still makes it. Her debut album “miniano” was released on 08.03.2024. She takes us on a journey to a magical place where everything is allowed. It’s worth coming along, staying, even if you’re tired: “Can you see now how good it is that you stayed after all?” -Because: “What if it really exists, this one beautiful, strange place where anything is possible?”

Next stop: maybe the moon? Miniano? All we know is: the sky’s the limit.in the end, anything will have been possible. Climb aboard!






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