Somewhere between dark romanticism and atmospheric synthesizer soundscapes, driving beats meet a raw, echoing voice that awakens a longing for love in the emptiness of our existence with bittersweet melancholy. So convincing, so authentic that you feel the heartache and loneliness yourself while listening. Dancing in a trance and with your eyes closed, you want to let yourself fall into the warm eighties vibes and lose yourself in the boundlessness. Comparisons to Edwin Rosen, Henning May or Ennio are easy to make, but MilleniumKid is not just another random representative of Neue Neue Deutsche Welle, but manages to give his sound an edgy, hypnotic independence. MilleniumKid from Gießen is currently one of the most exciting developments in the German-speaking music landscape. His joint single with JBS “Unendlichkeit”, released via Warner Music, went viral this summer and climbed to number 34 in the singles charts, graced the cover of the Wilden Herzen playlist for weeks and now has over 24 million streams – just on Spotify. In 2024, we can look forward to MilleniumKid’s long-awaited live debut; in April, he will go on UNENDLICHKEIT TOUR 2024 with JBS. He is also currently on the New Music Awards hotlist.






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