MELE, an up-and-coming artist, describes her song inspiration as an illuminating moment: “Sometimes it’s like a ray of light that pierces through my head, and then all of a sudden I’ve been given a chorus.” Despite lacking a label and marketing, her songs have been streamed millions of times. MELE has played supports for artists like OK Kid, Großstadtgeflüster and at renowned festivals. Now she has been signed to a major label contract with Warner Music and commented humorously laconic: “finally taken.” Currently MELE is working on her debut album for summer 2024, until then she will release a series of singles in advance, starting with “Bitterlemon”. MELE’s lyrics reflect on house party conversations, late-night city adventures and diary-like thoughts. Her vocals are sonorous, unagitated and effortless. With lyrics that are as true to life as they are humorous, extremely casual yet never aloof, straightforward yet always with a good dose of self-irony, MELE manages to capture the zeitgeist, that fleeting thing. Intersecting leftfield and German pop, clubby electronic influences and a clear penchant for rap, her tracks develop addictive potential almost immediately. The undisguised atmosphere of the songs comes from collaborating with trusted friends: “I always find it most beautiful when I make music with people I also trust. Where there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’.” Authenticity is MELE’s credo, both in music and in social media. She avoids artificial stagings and engages with her followers through naturalness and humor. “I’ve always been very straightforward,” she emphasizes. In her bio, she modestly highlights her early songwriting successes and music studies, as well as her podcast, “Liebt euch! Der UNSERDING Dating Podcast” and the Grimme Award for “Offen un’ ehrlich.” MELE embodies a free-spirited attitude and achieves a rare authenticity in her art and personality.






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