SALÒ (whose actual name is Andreas Binder) currently resides in Vienna and is originally from Austria`s Südsteiermark and, in his own words, makes music for dog petters, work refusers and anyone else that still has feelings. What can be expected? Songs about lust, suffering and love during times of turbo-capitalism. The whole Sound is a wild mixture between German post-wave, Pop and Punk. Anyone looking for possible influences may find them among Rio Reiser, the idles or the young Nina Hagen. In 2019 SALÒ released his first music video for his debut single »Tränen zu Wein« and attracted the attention from not only the underground scene but also the local musical landscape. Thereafter, a global pandemic took place, which did not stop SALÒ from releasing his first EP »Tränen zu Wein« during the first lockdown. In the meanwhile, now signed to Universal Austria, he has released his debut album »Subjektiv Betrachtet« in May 2023 and this year, in addition to playing many festivals (i.e. Melt, Fusion, Deichbrand, Puls Open Air, c/o pop) also played two successful tours.






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