Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys 5


Shortly before the release of the debut album “Greatest Hits”, the dramaturgy nevertheless knows no bounds: Roberto Bianco, who has actually always let himself be called “Roy”, crowns himself emperor in a Napoleonic manner. Roberto is dead, long live Roy Bianco! Earthly representative of Apollo, humble servant of the Italo camp – et in Arcadia ego. In an ever faster moving world, driven by the digital attention economy and constant change and exponentially increasing number of single releases, a “true great” of the entertainment business has little time left to rise to the status of emperor and shepherd of showbiz. Plus ultra! So the renaming into “Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys” comes as little surprise, but much more consistent! The market gets what the market demands. Only unconditional consumption can save us now! Sic transit gloria mundi, finally the time has come! Roy Bianco & The Abbrunzati Boys, the demigods of the Italo hit, return to the business of the big show and the never-ending gala events and bring with their first longplayer what they have been waiting for a long time: “Greatest Hits”! It’s like it always is and it’s all about the music: 38 years of stage history set to music from a compendium of German and Italian hits of the 1960s, paired with the grandeur of the sound of the 80s and a Falco and tonally completed with influences of contemporary German-speaking indie in the style of “Wanda” or “Bilderbuch”. Besides the already released hits around “Ponte di Rialto” and “Vino Rosso”, which will be included once again in a newly recorded “Remastered” version on the album, there are some brand new titles of the group, such as the single “Dolce Vita”, which will be released with the album. As far as content is concerned, Roy & The Abbrunzati Boys are well known for their excursions to places or events in the collective memory of a holiday in Italy. To the Gulf of Naples, to the Casino of San Remo, to the Lungomare of Bari or, if a little off the beaten track, across the big pond to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. So Roy Bianco & The Abbrunzati Boys pull out all the stops on their album – with charm and wit about consumption, criticism and the German-speaking entertainment culture. In 2020 it’s time for “Greatest Hits” and the return of the Italo hit! At the end roses will be distributed.






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Sebastian Zeitz