“Beer, party, pogo, sweat, dirt, orgasm, death.” Exactly in this order. Are you afraid? Don’t worry, we’re not calling for a hedonistic battle of nations here. This is only the description for the legendary riot sensation, which was exterminated from the Bavarian alpine valleys. Django S. play a bastard from ska, rock’n’roll, dialect, Balkan beats and Bavarian laxity, garnished with naked upper bodies, joie de vivre and lightness in Russian style. With the charm of Wanda and Bilderbuch, with a frontman like Felix from KK or Campino and the live energy of LaBrassBanda and Russkaja this band unites everything that is necessary for a strong live presence. The audience is invited to clap, sing and jump along, regardless of origin or dialect knowledge. Just a cheerful party! When these guys go on stage no leg stands still anymore! They not only send cosmonaut Suri SkaGarin back into space, but the whole damn club. Anyone who can watch here without completely freaking out has the enthusiasm of a goldfish. In 2015 they released their latest album, whose name is already like the Damocles sword of ecstasy above the heads of all those who love to dance: “Attacke”. In 2017, “Mund auf, PU-Schaum” (Mouth up, PU foam) followed the all-around blow from the construction site. For 2019 a new album is announced.






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