Whoever electronically alters the sound of trumpet and trombone with effect devices wants to go new ways! YOUTH OKAY dare the adventure and rely on authentic alternative rock with brass instruments that look like synthesizers. In 2019 they emerged from the formation Naked Superhero and call their style Alternative BrassFX. In times of unimportant pop music and emotional superficiality they have something to say, they afford to have an opinion, dare to touch, even with painful and uncomfortable truths, and tear the listener out of his comfort zone. YOUTH OKAY’s courageous manner is proof of a special feeling when it comes to telling stories. The result? Honest, profound, rousing and euphoric songs. In addition to politically and socially topical issues such as migration or environmental pollution, your focus is on dealing with personal, emotional challenges. It is important to the band not to denounce and demonize alone, but to help and seek possible ways out. “YOUTH OKAY”, You are not alone, so the message – everything will be fine, because the tone of the contents as well as the music itself is warm and positive. And so it is sung, the light at the end of the tunnel, which gives hope for better times and for a togetherness instead of a counter togetherness.






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