It’s almost impossible to put Monobo Son’s music in genre drawers! Instead of black and white categorization, the sound of the band, founded by LaBrassBanda trombonist Manuel Winbeck, presents itself as a colourful carpet of sound, woven from the impressions of Fräulein Heimat, who has been on a pilgrimage around the world with an open heart. Firmly rooted in Bavaria, Monobo Son stretch out to distant sounds and transform them into their very own sound. Monobo Son is a single, great declaration of love to music and everything that can arise from the joy of it: The drums and guitar are joined by tuba, trumpet, trombone, flute and Manuel Winbeck’s strikingly casual voice. In April 2019 the new album “Scheene Wienerin” will be released, which – how could it be otherwise – is full of diversity, tells beautiful, funny and melancholic stories and surprises with every song. Because anything can happen with Monobo Son: Latin grooves mix with electro-pop, jazzy sounds are beaten up by hip-hop beats and poppy rhythms paired with airy melancholic wind instruments. Whether the beautiful Viennese will finally get in touch with Wig, who will be happy while studying in the city, why Cordoba doesn’t need any lyrics and what the name Monobo Son is all about – questions that the new album will answer … Of course you can and should dance to it, at home in front of the stereo as well as at the sweaty concerts of the band!






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